Providing style and innovation for your house and home; whether it’s great sounding audio or the freedom of wireless radio. Majority brings you creative products that will suit your needs and your budget…

Designed with you in Mind

Every item in the Majority range was meticulously designed in Cambridge, England. Great detail has been applied to every stage of the design and manufacturing process in order to achieve an outstanding finish.

Shelford II

Portable Retro Digital & FM Radio

£79.95   £29.95

Barton II

Retro DAB / DAB+ Digital & FM Radio

£69.95   £26.95


Portable Stereo DAB / DAB+ & FM Radio

£79.95   £30.95

Grantchester Homepage 3-01


Pocket DAB / DAB+ Digital & FM Radio

£59.95   £29.95


Snowdon II

Soundbar with Built-in Subwoofer

Skafell Pike Image 05 F1

Ben Nevis II

Bluetooth Soundbar & Subwoofer


Encounter sharp cinematic sound that fills the entire room with our range of HD quality soundbars. Our products all come complete with either built-in or external subwoofers for maximum audio experience as well as wireless bluetooth functionality.


DAB / DAB+ Digital & FM Radio Music System

Peterhouse Graduate

Bluetooth Internet Radio with Spotify Connect